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The Rock hill

Enjoy the views of our natural landmard as you walk, run or ride!


The Rock is located 25km South of Wagga Wagga on the Olympic Highway. The Rock has a dynamic population of 980 people. The range of facilities available cater for all ages and interests. Some include, a cold beverage at the Kings Own Hotel, Chinese from The Rock Memorial Bowling Club, a hot coffee and bite to eat from Syvia's Cafe, fresh meat from The Rock Butchery and local grocery shopping from the local Foodworks.


The Rock is renowned for its participation and success across various sporting areas. Some sporting organisations include The Rock Yerong Creek Senior Football Netball Club, The Rock Yerong Creek Junior Football



Netball Club, The Rock Tennis Association, The Rock Touch Association, The Rock Bowls Association and The Rock Night Tennis.


The Rock Central School enables children from The Rock and surrounding areas to complete their education up to year 10. With a committed and supportive teaching staff students are provided with opportunities that range from learning to sporting.


The Rock Triathalon allows particpants to experience the magnificent views of The Rock Hill as well as other facilities that the town has to offer.

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